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Published April 24, 2018

Take control of a twister!

Use the keyboard arrows or a joystick to move your twister. That’s it. This throwback control setup allows you to jump in and start playing immediately.

Collect humans and snakes across eight increasingly challenging levels. You will discover more about your true nature and purpose as you pursue targets across the city, desert, farms, and even a stadium.

Finish the campaign then try to beat your previous score with a different twister!

Facts and Features:

  • It was developed, tested, and published in 5 and 1/2 months.
  • It was made in Unity and packaged in Visual Studio.
  • The game displays a “reality code” on the splash screen sequence. This is a way for players to identify that games are in the same canonical universe so they can immerse themselves in preferred content across a variety of game types.
  • The game offers extra replay value by letting you choose alternate twister skins for subsequent playthroughs.
  • The opponents spawn with individual physical and psychological characteristics that determine their reactions to each other, to vehicles, and to you. This makes every game a unique experience.
  • The individual opponent behavior is supported by an overall AI system that immediately adjusts to the skill you demonstrate.
  • I consider this to be an “arcade action” game that is a throwback to 1980’s games in terms of controls, speed, and scoring. There’s no save feature and no pause until you complete the level you’re on. If you fail, it’s assumed you want to try again so it happens automatically.

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